Motorcycle Accidents ~ Stay Safe On The Road

Motorcycles are a popular way to travel, as they offer a sense of freedom, affordability, speed, and maneuverability.  However, this comes at a cost and a greater risk of being involved in motorcycle accidents with other drivers on the roads.  The risk usually comes from many different issues, mainly from the inattention of other drivers and dangerous road conditions.

If you or your loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault, you need a professional lawyer to help you recover compensation for the pain and suffering, medical bills, lost time, etc.  No matter your kind of accident, we can provide you with a free consultation at any time of day, to answer your questions and advise you on the recommended course of action.

Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents

Driver negligence
Many drivers fail to pay attention on the roads as they should.  Whether they’re having a conversation,  talking on their phones, eating, or texting, many drivers often fail to observe a motorcyclist traveling in an adjacent lane.  This can lead to accidents from acts such as:

• A car turning in front of the motorcycle

• Rear-end collisions

• Unsafe lane changes

• Speeding

• A car swerving into a motorcycle

• Drunk driving

Driving conditions

Unforeseen road conditions pose unique threats to a motorcyclist.  Conditions such as ruts or potholes, which can go unnoticed by the biker, pose a great danger to the motorcyclist.  Moreover, a driver or motorcyclist can fail to anticipate a dangerous road disturbance, causing a major crash.  Other dangerous driving conditions include:

• Wet pavements and other poor traction surfaces like gravel

• Sudden obstacles like animals, debris, or construction

• Inclement weather like rain, fog, and heavy winds

Common Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

Thanks to the lack of strong protection, motorcycle accidents can be quite dangerous. The safety equipment used by motorcyclists often serves to mitigate the injuries, not preventing them.  If a rider is thrown off the bike onto the road, he can suffer severe injuries such as:

• Head injuries: this is why it’s crucial to wear a helmet.

• Road rash: this injury is caused when a rider slides across the road or pavement during an accident.

• Spinal cord or muscle injury: these can lead to paralysis, and why it’s important to get checked by a medical professional after an accident.

• Limb injuries: these can be become broken or shattered, and some can be permanently disabling due to amputations.

• Death: in some serious cases, wrongful death can occur. If your loved one has died due to a crash, be sure to reach out to us to find out the amount of compensation you can get for your losses.

Types of Compensation Available After a Motorcycle Accident

An injured victim can obtain three main kinds of compensation: economic, non-economic, and punitive compensation. Nonetheless, almost every accident claimant recovers some economic damages. These include:

• Lost income

• Past and future medical expenses

• Property damage repairs

• Lost income capacity

• Court costs and other legal fees

• Out-of-pocket expenses related to the accident

The non-economic damages account for the intangible losses incurred by the victim or their family as a result of the accident and include emotional suffering, post-traumatic stress, distress, mental anguish, as well as the lost enjoyment or quality of life.

Punitive damages are only awarded to some victims and are given if the compensatory damages awarded weren’t enough to cover the expenses the victim experienced.  They are also aimed at punishing the party-at-fault (defendant) for wrongful acts.

Contact a Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

To learn more about the legal aspects of your motorcycle accident case and how we can help you, give us a call today for a free consultation.  Getting us involved early is crucial.  We need to review the accident scene and interview witnesses as early as possible, while their memories are still fresh.  Keep in mind that the evidence and facts gathered after the accident will be crucial when filing a claim against a negligent driver.

Our attorney, Byron Lassin has a great reputation for excellence as a personal injury lawyer in Queens.  If you are the victim of a motorcycle accident, you can rest assured that Attorney Lassin will use his in-depth experience to get you the compensation you rightfully deserve.