Faulty Public Accidents

Seek Professional Legal Help Following A Faulty Public Accident

It’s easy to find someone to blame if you’re injured at work or if you’re hit by another driver, but what if you’re hurt while walking in public?  It might not seem clear who exactly is at fault.  You should be able to travel in public without risking injury and there are various organizations whose job it is to make that possible.

You should immediately seek the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney when injured in public. A well-versed attorney will help you identify the faulty party and fight for the compensation you are owed.

Who Is The Faulty Party?

Identifying who is at fault for an accident in a public space is going to vary according to the accident type and the location of the accident.  It can be a tremendously complex problem and the legal nuisances will change from state-to-state.  An experienced attorney who works in your local area will be equipped to identify who could have prevented the injury and who is legally responsible.

A slip and fall accident on a road or sidewalk is a common example of an injury occurring in a public space.  It’s not quite as simple as filling a claim against the property owner or manager.  In this case, it will most likely require a claim filed against a specific organization whose job it is to maintain that road or sidewalk.

Understanding Public Liability

Public liability relates to the duty of either an owner, a company or an organization that is responsible for maintaining a public space.  That entity must ensure that the public space is safe for use.  That entity may also have invested in public liability insurance so that they can properly compensate anyone who is injured while using that public space.  Public liability insurance is more common in Australia and the United Kingdom, but there are other insurance policies that cover these types of accidents.

Many people are unaware that they can file a claim when injured on public property. People slip and fall on roads all of the time without pursuing any legal actions.  If it has happened to you or someone you know, then you should contact a personal injury attorney to see if you have a legitimate case.

If the party responsible for maintaining that public space did not do their job properly, then you should be compensated for your pain, financial loss, and medical bills.

There are several different types of injuries that could fall within this category.  Slip and fall accidents are among the most common.  They occur when a person is injured because of dangerous paths, pavement, or surfaces that were not properly treated.

Other injury types include falling from a height that was not made safe, injury from a sharp object that was not covered, or injury from a falling object that was not properly secured.

Ironing Out The Details With Your Attorney

Faulty public accidents are not always as black and white as other types of personal injury claims.  There may be more than one party involved or the faulty party may not be the person responsible for maintaining the property.  For example, a car accident can occur on public property, but it is not usually a public liability claim unless some obstruction or hazard caused the accident.

The process immediately following the injury will be similar to any other type of personal injury.  You should attempt to photograph the area, get contact information from the witnesses, and visit the hospital as soon as possible.  You’ll also want to contact a reputable personal injury attorney immediately.  These types of complicated cases require an attorney with a proven track record in your area.

Attempting to receive compensation alone or with an attorney who isn’t qualified will only waste valuable time and money.  These cases can stretch out for months or years depending on their complexity and the organization that is involved.

Thousands of people are injured in public every year and most of them don’t pursue their rightful compensation.  It’s up to you to avoid becoming another statistic.  If you have been involved in a faulty public accident, then pick up the phone today and call the office of Byron Lassin at (718) 651-0500.  He will fight for your rights.