Byron Lassin


Attorney Byron Lassin has been practicing Law since 1970. He graduated from City College in 1967 and graduated Law School in 1969.


  • An active member of the New York State Bar Association.
  • An active member of the Queens Bar Association
  • Admitted to practice in the U.S. Eastern and Southern District Court of New York.
  • An Active member of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association.
  • Juris Doctor degree.

Leadership & Community Involvement

Attorney Byron Lassin’s specialty is representing immigrant day laborers who have been injured in construction accidents.  Mr. Lassin also assists day laborers to understand their rights while living and working in New York.  He has assisted day laborers in obtaining wages when employers improperly refuse to pay and has done so without any charge to the day laborer.

Mr. Lassin was instrumental in convincing the District Attorney’s Office to arrest an employer who did not pay wages to a group of day laborers.  As part of the disposition of the criminal matter more than $100,000 had to be paid to day laborers and Attorney Lassin did not accept a fee in this matter.

When a hospital refused to take a cast off the arm of a patient that they put on, Mr. Lassin contacted the hospital and was successful in having the hospital properly remove the cast.  Attorney Lassin did not charge a fee in this matter as well.  These are just a few examples of Attorney Lassin’s involvement and special relationship with the community he serves.