What Should I Wear To Court – Men & Women

There are many things you need to consider before making a court appearance. Top of the list includes your behavior, how to talk to the judge and what should I wear to court. You might not realize it but making a great impression in the courtroom might have a greater effect on your case.

What To Wear To Court For Men

Wear a suit and tie. If you don’t have a suit that fits you properly, you can try out a button-down shirt and dress shoes or dress slacks and khakis. However, a suit is more preferable because it’s professional. Everyone will get the impression that you are taking everything seriously.

Avoid wearing anything that is considered casual such as jeans, sneakers, work boots, t-shirts or sandals. Don’t wear any flashy jewelry and make sure your clothes cover up your tattoos. It’s true that jurors and judges will get a negative impression of you if your tattoos are visible or if you are wearing flashy jewelry.

When choosing a good suit to wear to court, you should choose a dark color. Light-colored options appear less formal and are less accepted in court. However, don’t go too dark because they will connote superiority and power. That’s not what you want to show off when you are the defendant in court.

You can’t go wrong with navy blue or dark grey suits. Make sure you shop for a new one if you don’t have a suit in your closet. When you are choosing a dress shirt choose white or blue. Choose a shirt with a collar stay than that with a button. However, a buttoned-down collar works perfectly. For your tie, choose blue or black and the same rules apply with regard to colors.

What To Wear To Court For Women

Don’t wear clothes that you would wear on a first date. Rather, you need to remain modest and conservative during your court appearance. You can wear pantsuits, dresses, dress skirts paired with professional blouses. Here are a few things you should avoid when you are going to court.

1. Make sure your clothes are not too tight, short or revealing. You might assume wearing suggestive clothes might help things but you will be giving the judge and jury the wrong impression.

2. Wear very little makeup and jewelry to court. If you are going out for a fancy dinner, you might choose a statement piece necklace and flashy diamond earrings but they don’t look good when you wear them to court. They would bring out the wrong impression, especially if your case pertains to your finances. You don’t want the judge or jury to look at you and get the wrong impression.

When choosing the colors for your clothes, you need to wear something that will not distract you. Rather, you need to keep the colors simple. Basically, you can wear anything similar to what’s described for men. Preferably, you can choose dark pantsuits and dresses but stick to navy blue and dark grey colors. Don’t choose black clothes because they will bring out the assertion of power and not humility.

Avoid bright or bold colors. Wearing traditional and conservative clothes might seem a bit restrictive for court, the judge and jury will take you seriously. The rule of thumb is that the courtroom is a very serious place and you need to respect it. Also, your nails need to be neat and clean. If you have to wear nail polish, it should be a neutral color to avoid any distractions with bold colors.

As for your shoes, it’s best to wear closed-toe shoes. Make sure they are conservative shoes that will not distract the other members of the court. Make sure you schedule a haircut at least 2 weeks before going to court. At all times you need to look neatly groomed. If you have very long hair, you should tie it back. Avoid using combs, rollers, and hairnets while in court.

In conclusion, you might have too much on your mind regarding the case but don’t forget the basics when choosing what to wear. Additionally, your hygiene should be top-notch. Start by brushing your teeth and using mouthwash. Men should shave their beards or mustaches before entering the court.

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