What Is An Examination Under Oath

Sometimes when you are making a claim against your insurance company, you might be asked to participate in an Examination Under Oath. Insurance companies refer to this as an EUO. During this process, your insurance company will ask you questions so that they understand your claim and obtain the surrounding facts of your claim.

Often this claim is in connection with your no-fault claim. Sometimes, insurance companies use this method to ensure that their insured is presenting a legitimate claim. Thus, if your claim is a fraudulent one, they might uncover the facts so that they can deny your claim.

At the Examination Under Oath, the insured will be sworn in and thus will be testifying under oath. It is imperative that the insured tell the truth at this EUO, as not doing so may result in the insured perjuring him or herself. The questions that an insured will be asked should be relevant to the claim.

Your attorney, that is your personal injury attorney, should be with you and representing you at the time of this EUO.

Your attorney will prepare you for this Examination Under Oath so that you understand the process and the questions you might be asked.

It is important that you do not ignore an insurance companies request for an EUO. If you fail to appear, there is a risk that your insurance company will deny your claim.

Your personal injury attorney should explain to you the likely intent of your insurance company in pursuing a EUO. He will prepare you for this Examination Under Oath. He will tell you what documents are important to bring with you at the time of this Examination Under Oath. Your credibility is important at an EUO.

Often insurance companies believe that they are the subject of fraud and often that is the reason for an EUO. Thus, it is important that you tell the truth and present yourself in a manner that should resolve all issues of credibility in your favor. Your attorney will always tell you to tell the truth. It is not a good idea to go to an EUO without an experienced attorney, but you should appear with an attorney, one who understands the intent of the insurance carrier and also the consequences of a result of an EUO. Remember the insurance company who has issued the EUO has gone through this process many thousands of times. It is unlikely that you have been through this process many times.

Your experienced personal injury attorney like Byron Lassin, will understand the process, understand what to expect at the EUO and understand what an effective presentation is at a EUO.

Thus, if you have an accident, you must carefully retain your records, if in fact there is an EUO later on. You should hire you an attorney to represent you in your accident case as soon as practicable. An experienced attorney will be in a position to anticipate the scheduling of an EUO by your insurance company.

There is no substitute for knowledge, experience, and dedication to a client’s interest by your accident attorney.


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