Motorcycle Accident Lawyer ~ Tips To help You

Are you looking for a motorcycle accident lawyer? Have you recently been involved in a motorcycle accident? If so, this article will provide you with the information you will need to make an informed decision and help you find the best motorcycle accident attorney that will provide you with the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries.

What to do immediately after an accident.

If you’ve been involved in a serious accident we hope you find yourself in a good place during this difficult time. Being involved in a motorcycle accident can be really serious and sometimes catastrophic for families and loved ones. Unlike car accidents, rarely does a rider walk away without serious injuries, fractured bones, severe cuts, or a trip to the emergency room.

1. Check for injuries and call 911

The first thing after a motorcycle accident is to make sure everyone involved, including yourself, is not in need of any medical assistance. Call 911 immediately if there are any injuries. If it’s a minor accident but it involves personal injury or property damages above a specific amount, you must notify the police. They will take written statements and file a report of the accident.

2. If possible take photos of the accident

If possible and only if the scene is safe, you need to take photos of the accident, your motorcycle, and any other vehicles involved. This includes pictures of the street, highway, or surrounding area. Take as many photos and angles as you can.

3. Call your Insurance Company

Contact your insurance provider and let them know what happened. You need to provide them with as much information as possible, but do not admit fault to anyone.

4. Gather as much information as you can

Try to document the accident details as best as you can. You can speak to witnesses, passengers, and other bystanders. In order to preserve your rights, do not admit fault or sign any documents or insurance forms. Before meeting with an attorney its best to keep copies of any related expenses, bills, and medical records. The more documentation you have, the better you will be at the end of this process.

What should I do next?

After an accident, it might be tough to know where to turn to for guidance. You could be facing a long recovery period, not just physically, but financially. We hope the following tips will provide you with a sense of guidance and direction.

Tips For Finding a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Not all lawyers are created equal. Just because an attorney can handle personal injury cases does not mean they are well versed in a specific practice area like motorcycle accidents. Always ask questions, especially the right questions. For example, how does the attorney plan on representing you, and how does the attorney handle insurance companies and negotiations.

1. Experience With Motorcycle Accidents

You need an attorney who has experience and knowledge with all the nuances and dynamics of motorcycle accidents and crashes. An attorney who can weigh and identify all the possible factors of an accident and help discover who is at fault and how to navigate with insurance policies and red tape. You need an attorney that will help get your motorcycle repaired and help work on your behalf to recover lost wages. This should all be included in the service to you.

2. Good Reputation and Communication

Not only do you need an attorney that will achieve the best results for your case, but someone who has a good reputation and can communicate well. Attorneys have to juggle different cases and court appearances and you need to set expectations clearly from the start. Check their online reviews and testimonials from different sources.

3. Free Legal Consultation & Case Investigation

Your attorney is expected to cover all the upfront costs of your case. This includes collecting medical records, police reports, working with the insurance company and anything else to ensure your case is handled and investigated properly. You should never pay for these services upfront. This includes the initial investigation where the attorney is reviewing your case.


Recovering from an accident, especially a serious one can be a long and enduring process. Having the right legal representation on your side and an attorney that will fight for your rights can go a long way to ensure your medical bills and other bills are covered.

Legal Advice you Can Trust

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